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Customer Guarantee – Liquid Floor Screed

Customer satisfaction and Product Quality – our top priority

Quality of our product and customer satisfaction at all times in everything we do, is ingrained in our culture at Hanlon Concrete Products Limited and has been like that for over 40 years. We are a family run business and as such know how important doing a great job for our customers is year after year. Our quality system is fully ISO9000 compliant and is audited internally and externally regularly to ensure these standards are maintained at all times. Our management team is very focused on delivering fantastic service and is always close to the operational performance of the company to ensure these high standards are delivered each and every day.

When you place an order with our company for Liquid floor screed you can be assured of high quality and service due to the following reasons.

Exemplary Quality in our raw materials used.

Ultraflo® is a hemi-hydrate screed which is the best currently available in the industry. We are the only company in Ireland supplying this superior product in Readimix form and won this contract after extensive reviews and testing from our suppliers of the bonding agent. The sand used to blend with the binding agent is of a superior quality and comes from our own pits on site. Many different sands and various pits were tested during initial selection process and our sand and Pits in Hanlon concrete in Kildare were verified through testing to be far the best. The quality and type of sand varies significantly from site to site in Ireland and as such the quality and strength of your floor screed. Because we centrally batch and blend our Liquid floor screed on site to exacting standards and then deliver Readimix through our fleet of lorries nationwide, we can assure consistent results for all our customers no matter their location.

Quality of our blending and batching process.

  • All our products are batched and mixed using our fully computer controlled recipe system. The composition of sand/binding agent, water and other ingredients, going into every type of floor screed product have been specified and tested in our labs to ensure they deliver all the features and strength characteristics quoted with a high degree of margin.
  • When an order is placed and floor screed called out, this generates a unique computer controlled work order for the batching/blending plant. Regular Quality control samples are taken from our process and tested in our onsite labs to ensure perfect quality.
  • Unique paperwork is generated with each order stating customer details, order details and financial information and all this is tracked on our IT system for full traceability

Quality control and ongoing monitoring of our product

We have our own Quality control Labs on site with fully trained Quality control technician. Regular samples of all our products are taken and tested for form fit and function and data logged and traceable to ISO9000 standards. If any quality issues are identified they are dealt with internally immediately.

Quality of our Fleet and application team.

  • We have a modern large fleet of lorries and experienced drivers that are available to service your project no matter how big or small throughout Ireland. We understand how critical your time is and hence we make and meet commitments at all times and have the fleet and staff to ensure that.
  • We applicate all our own product and the price and terms agreed with our customer encompass a full turnkey service to ensure your time is not wasted. We manage all those details in the back ground and take full responsibility to manage the whole project. All our applicators are fully trained and certified by us to work with our product to the standards that we have agreed with you. We visit each site before taking an order, advise on preparation and then deliver the liquid floor screed in perfect condition. Our application team will do their work and will only leave once the customer is fully satisfied and signs off on the job. We are usually in and out of a typical 200m3 house in half a day. We have perfected efficiency over the last year since we launched the product and at this stage over 150 satisfied nationwide customers.
  • All our lorries are tracked under GPS and we can give a detailed status on any deliveries at all times. Our Dispatch controller monitors all lorry locations to ensure everything runs to schedule and budget.

Pre and post sales support quality commitment.

  • Our technical sales support team will work with you to give advice and help on how to prepare your site and any linked questions you make have. We will come on site and measure your job and clarify any questions on your project. We are also available for any help and support after your liquid floor screed has been laid.
  • Our management team are highly customer aware and will respond immediately to any customer help requests of inputs raised.