Under standardised drying conditions of 20c and with 65% relative humidity our Ultraflo® liquid floor screed laid at 40mm will dry in 40 days. With the use of under floor heating, a 50mm Ultraflo® screed can be force dried in less than a month.

Under the same drying conditions 100mm of sand cement screed will take 180 days to dry thoroughly. If surface finishes are fixed to a sand cement screed prior to drying they may subject to cracking as a result of curling or shrinkage, making a hemi-hydrate liquid floor screed the perfect solution.

A floor laid with Ultraflo® will be ready to take light foot traffic within 24 hours. Full compressive strength on the floor will clearly not be achieved however until the product is completely 100% dry, approx. 4-6 weeks later. This means that Ultraflo® is dry significantly quicker than the equivalent concrete product and hence allows the customer to move forward with their finished flooring(tilling, wood, laminates /vinyl etc) much faster.This is another fantastic reason to use Ultraflo® over traditional older methods.