Ultraflo® gets star attention at Citywest Self Build show 2011

Ultraflo® gets star attention at Irish self build show in Citywest.

Ultraflo®. was one of the most exciting and breakthrough construction products on display at the Irish Self build show in Citywest last year will be there again this year between the 9-11th sept, to build on the last years success. Many hundreds of potential self build clients came to our stand last year where they were educated on the significant advantages of our product over conventional concrete screed products. We had a mock up sample available for customers to see and it made it obvious immediately why our Ultraflo®. product was the best product in the market for their needs. So much so that many of these clients have engaged us over the last year to install their floors and with excellent and consistent positive feedback. We look forward to meeting even more potential clients again this year and we welcome anyone to come and chat with us no matter what stage your project is at. We have 40 years of experience in the construction industry and we look forward to sharing some of that experience with you as you set out to project manage your particular construction project.

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