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Screed FAQ’s – Liquid Floor Screed

What is Floor Screed?

Floor screed is used to provide a finished floor surface in a house /commercial property or industrial premises in preparation for final floor covering such as Vinyl, carpet, woodfloors, Tiles etc. It seals the floor and provides a level and smooth final surface so it can be tiled etc. Traditionally a thick layer of concrete , approx. 90mm, was used and then power floated to give a smooth finish. This method no longer is ideal especially due to its poor thermal properties when used with underfloor heating. It is also very slow and not cost effective.To respond to this problem Liquid floor screeds were designed and, the latest and most effective of these, Ultraflo®, is the best product on the market in Ireland today.

What is Screeding?

Liquid floor screeds are best laid by trained and specialist staff. It is a trade and construction skill built up over many years. We use a small and highly skilled list of screeding companies to lay our product and have selected those from a long list of candidates reviewed. We supply and lay all our product to exacting quality standards and have selected our screeding staff in line with that very high customer focused quality standard. We want the experience of dealing with our company to be a positive one and look forward to maybe doing business with you or a colleague at some point again in the future.

Why Floor Screed for Underfloor Heating?

The industry for many years used standard sand and cement screeds for floors however with the introduction of under floor heating this methodology became redundant and a new solution was required as concrete totally sub optimizes the value of the under floor heating system. The first solution to this problem generated a range of Anhydrate products which helped but still fell well short of requirements as they needed further buffing and sanding before final flooring finishing such as tiling etc. They tend to dry into a powdery finish that needs to be sanded, buffed and sealed before tilling. This drives extra costs for the project and adds wasteful lead time.

The industry then solved the Anhydrate problem by developing a Hemi-hydrate product .This did not have the side effects of Anhydrate and instead dry’s into a smooth ready to tile surface. This was a big breakthrough. This product is available in Ireland in 25kg bag and bulk Readimix formats. We looked at the prospect of using the 25kg bagged product but felt it was a bad solution for our customers as it is not possible to be centrally batched and hence can be inconsistent from mix to mix on site if batched on the customer site. Which is clearly not ideal even-though it is used by some screed suppliers. Also the quality of sand blended with the binder is critical and given the diversity of sand quality across the island of Ireland we could not guarantee customer quality would be to our high standards without controlling the sand supply as well.

This collection of problems led us to follow the only real solution for our customers, that being to import bulk hemi-hydrate binder from Europe and centrally mix and batch it with a controlled sand supply of a known high quality standard and under controlled conditions. We carried out extensive sand quality checks and have identified one excellent source that we own and will only use with liquid floor screeds from our site. We are the only importer of bulk hemi-hydrate in Ireland and hence the only readimix supplier of Hemi-hydrate liquid floor screed.